Capricho Park: A Delightful Respite in the Heart of Madrid

Capricho Park, or Parque de El Capricho, stands as a testament to the vision and elegance of the Duchess of Osuna, María Josefa Pimentel. Commissioned between 1787 and 1839, this hidden gem in Madrid boasts a unique distinction as the only park designed in a Spanish romantic style. Nestled in the Alameda de Osuna, the park is a tranquil haven that reflects the Duchess’s desire for a serene escape from the demands of daily life.

The park’s design, conceived by María Josefa Pimentel herself, is a masterpiece that harmoniously blends nature and architecture. Unfortunately, the Duchess passed away before witnessing the completion of her cherished project, but her descendants ensured that her vision came to fruition. As a result, Capricho Park stands today as a testament to her refined taste and appreciation for beauty.

Walking through the Parque de El Capricho is like stepping into a bygone era. The meticulous landscaping, the Parque Capricho Palace at its heart, and the enchanting lakes contribute to an atmosphere of elegance and tranquility. The palace, surrounded by lush gardens, serves as a focal point, exuding historical charm and architectural splendor. The Parque Capricho Lake adds a reflective touch to the scenery, creating a serene ambiance that invites visitors to pause and immerse themselves in the natural beauty.

What sets Capricho Park apart is not just its historical significance but also its relative obscurity. Despite its undeniable charm and architectural importance, it remains largely undiscovered by many visitors to Madrid. This obscurity, however, only enhances its allure, making it a true hidden treasure for those in the know.

Capricho Park invites exploration with its winding paths, scenic viewpoints, and carefully crafted landscapes. Each visit unveils a new facet of its beauty, prompting a sense of discovery and wonder. The park is not just a collection of green spaces; it is a living testament to the Duchess’s dream of creating a retreat that transcends time.

Capricho Park is a captivating blend of history, nature, and artistry. Its unique status as the only Spanish romantic-style park in Madrid, combined with its hidden location, makes it a destination that appeals to those seeking an escape from the more well-known tourist spots. As you meander through its gardens and appreciate the architectural marvels, you can’t help but feel a connection to a bygone era, where the Duchess of Osuna’s vision continues to enchant those fortunate enough to discover this extraordinary haven.

Walk through the park

Embarking on a stroll through the Parque de El Capricho is like stepping into a living canvas that unfolds across 14 hectares of meticulously designed landscapes. The park’s grounds are a harmonious fusion of three distinct styles, each contributing its own charm to this hidden gem on the outskirts of Madrid.

As you start your journey through the park, the “jardin à la française” beckons with its refined elegance. Manicured lawns, neatly trimmed hedges, and precisely arranged flowerbeds create a symphony of greenery that reflects the meticulous attention to detail characteristic of French garden design. This space invites visitors to meander through its pathways, absorbing the tranquility that emanates from its well-manicured surroundings.

Moving on to the area with Italian elements, the ambiance takes a different turn. Fountains playfully dance amidst statues, adding a touch of grandeur to the surroundings. The Italian-inspired section of the park is a testament to the Duchess’s appreciation for European aesthetics, transporting visitors to a realm where art and nature seamlessly coexist.

The largest and arguably the most enchanting section unfolds in the English romantic style. Here, a riot of colors emerges from a profusion of flowers and plants. The air is filled with the sweet fragrance of blooms, creating an immersive experience that captures the essence of a classic English garden. This sprawling area invites leisurely exploration, with each turn revealing new botanical wonders and scenic vistas.

Amidst the verdant expanse lie several highlights that add depth to the park’s allure. The Casino de Baile, a venue for grand parties, stands as a testament to the park’s lively social history. The Templete de Baco, surrounded by iconic ionic columns, exudes romanticism, providing a picturesque setting for contemplation or perhaps a quiet rendezvous.

A bittersweet tale unfolds with the mention of the Laberinto, a labyrinth that once graced the park but fell victim to tragedy in the 1940s. The remnants of its existence serve as a poignant reminder of the park’s storied past.

The eighteenth-century palace, restored after the French occupation, serves as a majestic centerpiece. Its architectural splendor is a nod to the historical significance of the park, showcasing resilience and a commitment to preserving its legacy. Nearby, the Casa de la Vieja adds a touch of whimsy, a fully furnished farmhouse where life-size dolls vividly represent the inhabitants, offering a glimpse into a bygone era.

a walk through the Parque de El Capricho is a multi-faceted journey through time, culture, and nature. The meticulous design, diverse styles, and intriguing landmarks create an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression. From the refined elegance of French gardens to the romantic allure of English landscapes, this park is a testament to the Duchess’s vision and a treasure trove for those seeking a respite from the ordinary.

The best part of the park

Undoubtedly one of the most intriguing aspects of Parque de El Capricho lies shrouded in history—the well-preserved bunker from the Spanish Civil War. This clandestine enclave, hidden next to the palace that served as a military headquarters during the conflict, adds a layer of historical significance to the park that goes beyond its idyllic landscapes.

The existence of the bunker is a testament to the transformative nature of the park during a tumultuous period in Spanish history. Built during the Spanish Civil War, this hidden gem served a crucial purpose as a military stronghold, offering a stark contrast to the park’s usual role as a retreat for leisure and tranquility. The fact that it remains remarkably well preserved adds an element of intrigue, providing visitors with a tangible link to the past.

Exploring the bunker offers a unique opportunity to delve into the wartime history of the park and the surrounding area. The walls of this subterranean structure could tell stories of resilience, strategic planning, and perhaps even moments of refuge for those seeking shelter from the chaos above ground. It stands as a silent witness to the challenges faced by the park during a chapter of Spain’s history marked by conflict.

To fully appreciate the historical significance of the bunker and the broader context of Parque de El Capricho, booking a guided tour is highly recommended. A guided tour not only ensures that you don’t miss out on the park’s hidden gems but also provides valuable insights into its rich history. The tour offers a curated experience, taking you to the most special areas, including the bunker, and unraveling the stories that make each corner of the park come alive with historical resonance.

However, the popularity of these guided tours underscores the need for planning ahead. Booking several months in advance is advisable if you wish to secure a spot and make the most of your visit. The guided tour not only enhances the visit by providing a deeper understanding of the park’s history but also offers a more immersive experience, allowing you to appreciate the significance of each landmark, including the hidden wartime relic.

While Parque de El Capricho is renowned for its lush gardens, architectural marvels, and diverse landscapes, the hidden bunker adds a layer of historical depth that sets it apart as a truly unique destination. For those with an interest in history, reserving a spot on a guided tour is a wise choice, ensuring that the visit becomes not just a stroll through nature but a journey through time, unraveling the mysteries of a park that has witnessed much more than meets the eye.

A very special park

Capricho Park, often overshadowed by the more famous El Retiro, stands as a hidden oasis waiting to be discovered by those seeking a unique and tranquil escape. While it may not boast the same level of popularity, the park’s allure lies in its genuine charm, captivating spaces, and lush vegetation, offering a refreshing retreat, especially on scorching summer days.

The park’s distinctiveness becomes evident as you venture into its 14-hectare expanse. Unlike the bustling atmosphere of El Retiro, Capricho Park unfolds as a serene haven, inviting visitors to explore its well-designed spaces at a leisurely pace. The refined touch of the “jardin à la française,” the grandeur of Italian elements, and the romantic allure of the English-style area create a diverse tapestry of landscapes, each with its own unique charm.

What sets Capricho Park apart is its tranquility and relative obscurity. The absence of large crowds allows for an intimate connection with the surroundings, making it a genuine pleasure to explore. The lush vegetation provides a natural canopy, offering shade and respite from the heat during the hottest days of summer. As you wander through the pathways, the symphony of rustling leaves and the fragrance of blooming flowers create an immersive experience, heightening the senses and fostering a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature.

While El Retiro may be the more well-known counterpart, Capricho Park’s understated elegance is its strength. It becomes a haven for those who prefer a quieter, more contemplative escape. The Parque Capricho Palace, with its historical significance, and the Casa de la Vieja with its whimsical representation of a bygone era, add layers of interest to the park’s narrative, making it more than just a green space.

In the heat of summer, when popular parks may be crowded and bustling, Capricho Park emerges as a hidden retreat, a sanctuary where the beauty of nature and the artistry of design converge. The park’s charm lies not in its grandiosity but in its ability to offer a genuine and personal connection with its surroundings. It becomes a place where one can unwind, reflect, and appreciate the simple pleasures of a leisurely stroll in the midst of luxuriant vegetation.

while Capricho Park may not boast the same fame as El Retiro, its uniqueness and tranquil ambiance make it a very special destination. It stands as a testament to the Duchess of Osuna’s vision, providing visitors with an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse themselves in the understated beauty of a park that unfolds its treasures to those who seek a genuine and delightful experience.

Capricho Park: A Hidden Gem in Madrid’s Alameda de Osuna

Location: Paseo Alameda de Osuna, 25.


  • 1 October – 31 March: Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays: 9 am – 6:30 pm.
  • 1 April – 30 September: Saturdays, Sundays, and bank holidays: 9 am – 9 pm.
  • Closed on 25 December and 1 January.

Price: Free entrance.


  • Metro: El Capricho (line 5).
  • Bus: 101, 105, and 151.

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  2. Adolfo Suárez Madrid – Barajas Airport (2.7 km): The proximity to the airport makes Capricho Park an ideal destination for a leisurely visit before or after a flight, providing a peaceful retreat from the airport hustle.
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Plan Your Visit: Capricho Park, with its free entrance, welcomes visitors to explore its enchanting landscapes and historical treasures. The flexible schedule, varying with the seasons, accommodates both early morning and late afternoon explorations.

Whether you arrive by metro or bus, the park is easily accessible, ensuring a hassle-free journey. For those with an interest in history, the park offers guided tours that delve into its rich past, including the fascinating bunker from the Spanish Civil War.

Make the most of your visit by combining it with exploration of nearby attractions such as the Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium, Las Ventas Bullring, or Faunia. And if you’re in transit through Barajas Airport or Chamartin Train Station, Capricho Park provides a peaceful retreat within close reach.

Capricho Park stands not just as a green escape but as a multifaceted destination offering a blend of history, nature, and leisure, making it a must-visit for locals and tourists alike.